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5 Easy Spooky Treats

​Hi guys! Today I bring you 5 delicious things you can do when you feel spooky.

1. Mini Cupcake Spider

This super delicious food combines cupcakes and pretzels. You can try out different mini cupcake flavors to change the spider type. (Source: A Designer Life )

2. Tim Tam Tombstones

While I have no idea where do you get Tim Tams you can change this to similar chocolate covered and filled cookies. You can even create a graveyard and leave one cookie open for spookiness. (Source: A Designer Life )

3. Crescent Mummy Dogs

I love this idea! I’ll show it to my friends for them to do it. I’ll just have to find a vegetarian way to do this… (Source: Pillsbury)

4. Lolly Pop Ghosts

Because even your candy has to look spooky this month. (Source: One Little Project)

5. Little Devils Meringue Cookies

Are you ready to get mischievous? Let’s make this Halloween edgy. (Source: Wilton)

These delicious treats are going to make you enter in the feeling of Halloween. Share this ideas with your friends and family and comment here if you are going to do any of these.
Happy Halloween,



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